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Under ControlPanel/Services stop MSDTC (Microsoft Distributed
Transactions Coordinator) service.
Then you should be able to delete oracle's dlls.

Igor Neyman, OCP DBA

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I have a client that I need to remove Net80 and add Oracle 8i to, the
way I have done this in the past is to:

1.  Delete Ora80
2.  Remove Oracle references from the registry  -- by hand.
3.  Install Oracle 8i

I stuck at step 1 (first time I have had this problem), there are a
number of DLLs that won't delete from the BIN directory (under Net80)
because they are supposedly 'in-use', I looked for a service to be
running (found none) and then looked for a task ... Didn't see any.

Any hints on what is using these DLLs (CORE80.DLL, for example).


Stephen S. Wolfe, GS-11, DAFC
Data Services Manager
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