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Metalink has has several notes on this.  Below is the cite of one procedure
to remove oracle completely from Windows.  Even the OUI doesn't really do
the trick

 How to Remove a Single ORACLE_HOME and Its Traces on Microsoft Windows
 208256.1 (note#)


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I have a client that I need to remove Net80 and add Oracle 8i to, the
way I have done this in the past is to:

1.  Delete Ora80
2.  Remove Oracle references from the registry  -- by hand.
3.  Install Oracle 8i

I stuck at step 1 (first time I have had this problem), there are a
number of DLLs that won't delete from the BIN directory (under Net80)
because they are supposedly 'in-use', I looked for a service to be
running (found none) and then looked for a task ... Didn't see any.

Any hints on what is using these DLLs (CORE80.DLL, for example).


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