RE: Metalink Fiasco -- How many names can we come up with for MOS?

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The obvious one would be "More Oracle....<fill in the blank>".  


Sorry about this in advance... just getting very frustrated. If we go down, we 
pay a fine. 

Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 08:36:04 -0600
Subject: Re: Metalink Fiasco
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Just as a wild shot in the dark, and after reading about several people losing 
access to SRs submitted by them, it looks to me like they are having problems 
with the way they are linking MOS sign-ons to email addresses.  Considering 
that they were requiring the SSO email address, I think this agrees with what 
we already know.  You have to wonder why they didn't do some testing prior to 
the day of conversion...Or even have some sort of mass update to fill in the 
missing information when the day came..

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 8:32 AM, Michael McMullen <ganstadba@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It seems in our organization metalink is used to show management that they’re 
working with oracle to have oracle fix the problem rather than trying to 
troubleshoot and fix the problem themselves. I’ve only opened up a handful of 
tars in 10 years. It’s not a badge of honor, we have a good crew who don’t 
believe their code is carved in stone. If we run into a bug we fix it. We tend 
to try to keep the code nice and simple because we all know how much fun it 
would be to file a bux fix request.

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I tend to agree with you on this point. I'm one the admins for our CSI, so I 
can see the SR's various people in our organization submit. Quite a few of them 
even a novice DBA or Developer could easily figure out, but our organization is 
so disorganized there is no tru collaboration or placing of the best person in 
the job (this is government work). I might file a couple SR's each year, but 
most of my 'Support" (Metalink, et al), is merely researching or finding 


Andrew W. Kerber

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