Re: Learn Cloud or Do Oracle OCM ..confused

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  • Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2019 17:05:25 -0400

On 10/26/19 9:51 AM, kunwar singh wrote:

Hi all,

What would be more beneficial in the long term in your opinion?

Oracle OCM certification (and things learned during its time preparation ) or learning cloud .

I don’t want to do both as don’t get much free time and want to gain expert level knowledge so that I am gainfully employed for next 5 years or so .

I am oracle performance dba in my current role .

So looking for insights on what community members here think .

I am interested in both , but thinking what value OCM will hold with all the cloud focus these days . In my job I am getting chance to play with python , so atleast I am learning a new skill currently too.




Hi Kunwar!

Why not both? You can become an Oracle Cloud Master, OCM for short. In other words, you could become a genuine Oracle rain man.


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