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        Instance name ties all of the executables and memory structures
        Database name ties all of the datafiles and control files

        Other than that there is no reason to keep them the same.  MANY
years ago, Oracle 6.0.36, I was reading the manual on SQLNET V1 and came
across a sentence that said one "should pick a SID that is NOT case
sensitive". The reason was that one had to use the following to connect
to a database "<protocol>:<Host>:<sid>".  Well T stood for TCP, Host (in
my env) was called BRAHMS, and the SID was "02" (zero two), reason
numbers are case insensitive, logical???  But the database name was
"ATDDB".  Worked like a charm. 

Dick Goulet
Senior Oracle DBA

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Hi all,

does anybody know, or have consireded, any implication about having an
instance name completely different from database name?
I want to say, instance name maybe is D0EUNAME and database is DNAME ...

I'm using a 2 nodes cluster with 11gR2 grid infrastrucre and database.
During DB creation even if I've specified an instance name database
starts using db name and dbname is registered in clusterware.

In OFA I've have  /admin/DNAME/ instead maybe admin/D0EUNAME

Supposing that dbname maybe equals to sid in best practices, there're
documents that suggest and explain why and how avoid this?




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