RE: How to justify a Database Shutdown

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I think that the best way to address such issues is to place the ball back into 
their camp and ask them to tell you why they think a reboot will solve the 
If they can provide a technical reason, you can then investigate if they are 
wrong or not.


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Hey experts,

   We recently took over administration over a particular database,
and after a while the application owner asked for a server reboot.
When digging a little, apparently they have some performance issues
and believe that recylcing the instance will solve them. I am usually
against rebooting servers, specially UNIX servers, but CT asked for
it. They have their own DBA who agrees that an instance recycle solves
the problem. My question is bacially, is this only superstition or is
there any technical fact that can support this?

    Of course, Clearing Caches would be beneficial, but it's a database, so I'm not sure it's really necessary (I have
detected no signs of memory leaks and memory is being used well).

    On the other hand, there are a few queries with over 500
executions/day that perform a full table scan on a 19M records
table... and I think that the performance issues *could* be tracked to
those. CT is being a bit stubborn and won't allow for further
investigation, but I'm certain this will happen again in about two or
three months, and I want to be prepared with as much technical data
and documentation as possible to oppose this 'Windows Approach' to
solving a performance Issue

    Thank you very much

Alan Bort
Oracle Certified Associate

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