How to identify file# & block# from rdba value?

  • From: "Don Granaman" <DonGranaman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "oracle-l" <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 11:13:16 -0600

After running 'analyze table SCAN_RUN validate structure cascade online,
a trace file showed:

row not found in index tsn: 20 rdba: 0x0500428c
env: (scn: 0x0006.8098c3d5  xid: 0x0013.002.00067ca1  uba:
0x0114f97a.e761.33  statement num=0  parent xid: xid:
0x0000.000.00000000  scn: 0x0006.63cdc395 8sch: scn: 0x0000.00000000)
col 0; len 3; (3):  c2 30 5e
col 1; len 6; (6):  04 04 ea d5 00 1d
Block header dump:  0x0404ead5
 Object id on Block? Y
 seg/obj: 0x1441f  csc: 0x06.8098c3ed  itc: 10  flg: E  typ: 1 - DATA
     brn: 0  bdba: 0x404e08b ver: 0x01 opc: 0
     inc: 0  exflg: 0

Supposedly, the rdba can be translated to a file# and block to get the
affected segment name via:

SELECT owner, segment_name, segment_type 
from sys.dba_extents where file_id= &FILENO 
and &BLOCKNO between block_id and block_id+blocks-1;

So, how can I translate the rdba to file# and block#?

Don Granaman
Senior Database Architect
Solutionary, Inc.

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