RE: Goofy Late Night Idea?

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Let me get back to the idea that what I am striving for is simplicity.
External tables are a great example of taking a need "interacting with
data in files outside the database" and making it really simple.  I
would love to see something like this...

create ftp 'myftp' port 9000 default '/tmp/inbound';
grant all on myftp to scott;
create table foo (x blob);
alter table foo use myftp;

presto! all of a sudden you get a couple java procs that are acting as
ftp servers for the database and handling all requests coming into port
9000.  Scott can ftp files into the database without requiring a OS

Of course I will want some DD tables/views such as V$FTP_STATS etc...of
course if Larry's vision of the database becoming the OS comes true then
perhaps things really will be this simple.  I do see the beauty of that

My bet is the demos are as simple as that but I might be wrong!

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Hi Ross

>The only demos I see there are just kind of vanilla "use JDBC" for =
>loading stuff. I kept thinking Ethan was going for direct dbms data =
>injection via library through EXTPROC (in "wrong" direction, of =3D
course), =3D3D
>without requiring=3D3D20
>To do this, I guess you could dump a client-based *.doc via ftp into a
>dbms-server based <directory> and have a db-internal process polling =
for =3D3D
>results in <directory> and formatting same appropriately (via EXTPROC =
>and library def) for storage. You get ability to asynchronously upload
>stuff and format it into db mediated by EXTPROC
>This would obviate the use of JDBC to inject data in the db.=3D3D20

I didn't give a look to the link... anyway I know for sure that it's =3D
possible to use a standard FTP client to load data in the DB (in fact I
do such a demo every time I teach either a 9i New Feature course or a =
XDB course...).

>(Of course, it IS very late)

It depends where you are ;-)  I'm sitting at 6:57AM...


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