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  • Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 15:31:12 -0500 (CDT)

Were getting outside the origional topic, but what the hell...

I have managed to do quite well with no college degree and no OCP.  My
situation is quite unique in those terms though.  I was a bartender who
met the director of IT at one of the US largest airports and he took me
under his wing almost 11 years ago now.  He was tired of technical people
who could'nt work with others(no people skills) and thus saw that I had
good people skills and could be trained).

I have 10 years in the industry now, which is the only reason why not
having a degree is'nt a factor any longer.  I have always been in the most
upper percentile in terms of compensation in a given area.

Point is you get what you can get based on where ya have been and what ya
have done.  Aside from negotiating skills and what ones experience and
skillset brings to the table though, Rachel is right on about location
location location.
- David

> Rachel,
> Same with me as regards the OCP and the college degree, exactly.
> As with the other, strictly voluntary - I appreciate your response. I can
> just picture your accountant at tax time - "OK, Rachel, can you at least
> give me a RANGE that your salary is in? No? How about, I'll guess and you
> tell me if I'm getting warmer." :-)

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