RE: Failure to Release Diskspace

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I believe a dismount/mount will clear it, unfortunately the db will have to be 

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Also a long time since I used VMS.  I do remember that one issue I sometimes 
faced is that the free block count on a disk device would sometimes not match 
up with reality (might be the issue you face).  To correct this we would use 
copy/allocate command... something like...

$ copy/allocate=nnnnnn junk.dat junk2.dat

where junk.dat was a small file and "nnnnnn" was some large number to force the 
command to fail.  This had the side effect of resetting the free block count 
for the device.


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Dont you have to kill the process accessing the file before it can be resized?  
show dev/files and kill the processes that is accessing the file?  Its been a 
few years since I used VMS myself...
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I have not touched a VMS system for 20 odd years.   One of the things I did was 
to shrink the size of the  undo tablespace from 2770 MB to 1024 MB.  When I 
issue the VMS command

show device/full  <device_name>

the number of free blocks is no different than before.  What  needs to be done 
to get the space released.

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