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Paul - What Peter said. What is your motivation for moving from
SQL-Backtrack? Saving money? Like anything else, you will experience some
learning during the transition. Fortunately today there are some good books,
most notably Robert Freeman's Oracle9i RMAN Backup and Recovery. The most
important thing I've found is to try to clearly understand your approach to
RMAN and any assumptions you are making. RMAN is designed to work for a
broad variety of Oracle sites, so it has a lot of capability, which
sometimes can be a little confusing. Ask questions here.

Dennis Williams
Lifetouch, Inc.

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My experiences are all good, but I have no experience of moving for another
3rd party tool. 
Once you get the environment set-up, using rman to backup , create
duplicates and standbys is easy. There is a learning curve 
with the syntax, but it is that way with any new tool and the 9i version is
actually more succinct than the 8i version.



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We are considering switching from SQL-Backtrack to RMAN. Has anyone else
switched from SQL-Backtrack or other backup software? If so what were your
reasons for making the switch? What problems did you experience as part of
the switch?
Based on your experience, would you recommend switching to RMAN. 
Thanks for any insights that could help us,


Paul W. Bennett, MA
Good Samaritan Society
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Sioux Falls, SD 57117

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