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  • Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 09:17:15 -0400

I believe the "into emp" on line 10 is the problem.  Like on line 7 where
you just type update without the table name I think the insert is the same.
The merge into provides the target.

HTH -- Mark D Powell --

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I can't answer your questions directly, but I think, Tim Gorman's book -
Essential Oracle8i Data Warehousing can.

Re your signature:
I just struggled today with an error message, It took me quite a while to
realize why Oracle was telling me that the values keyword was missing. (An
over-simplified version of the statement follows) Are Oracle error messages
not keeping up with the code?

SQL> Begin
  2    Merge into emp e
  3    Using   (select *
  4             from   emp_temp) t
  5    on (e.empno = t.empno)
  6    when matched then
  7      Update  set
  8          e.hiredate = t.hiredate
  9    when not matched then
 10        Insert into emp  (empno, hiredate)
 11        values  (t.empno, t.hiredate);
 12  End;
 13  /
      values  (t.empno, t.hiredate);
ERROR at line 11:
ORA-06550: line 10, column 14:
PL/SQL: ORA-00926: missing VALUES keyword


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Good Morning All, I was hoping someone here can point me to pertinent  
documents which address (DW). I know there are tons of online docs via 
google or metalink but was wondering if people her had their own 
favorites. Im particullary interested in nutshell concepts of:

1 reasonable maximum datafile sizes & physical disk striping
2 getting data from prod to dw
3 various  partitioning
4 stratigies for backup + recovery


"Oracle error messages being what they are, do not
highlight the correct cause of fault, but will identify
some other error located close to where the real fault lies."


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