Re: Duplicate function is a lot longer than a backup

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Execute the rman command "show all;" on the source database and present the 
output here.

It would also be useful to know how much memory, how much CPU is available on 
the target;  We could
therefore give you ways to exploit multiple CPU and larger memory structure to 
get the restore done quicker.

Just because the machines are identical hardware-wise doesn't mean they are 
configured the same.   Look at Windows
system configuration for number of CPU and memory, and swap space, etc.  All of 
these could impact run time.

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We have one channel configured. 

Backups are on disk. 

Servers are identical. 

Compression is being used for the backups. 

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A few questions come to mind: 

Are you backing up to disk or tape? 

What degree of parallelism (i.e. how many concurrent channels) for both the 
backup and the restore/duplicate? 

Is the disk or CPU significantly slower on the target server? 

Are you using compression? 



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