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I would try and read up about database normalization from a theoretical
E.g. here's a sample article
At the bottom of the page there are links to several related articles.

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I have been replying to messages but somehow may
message doesnt go to the list, hope this one makes it.

Thanks! for all your comments. I think , I should
explain more about my application, the table which I
showed is
the data from one company for one type of property
listing say "Preforeclosure" data. I will be having
similar types of tables for different types of
property listings like "foreclosures" ,
"Foresalebyowner" and from different companies. In
that case I will end up with 10-20 tables each with
130 columnns.=20

Does it make sense to break the data into several
tables and have one-to-one relationsips ? There would
be some updates to the properties otherwise it is
mostly showing property listings on our website.=20

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