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I can't answer from the EBS but there is a performance penalty to forced 
logging but its a requirement for standby to place nice :)


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Data Guard and E-Business Suite
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Have a question from one of the other folks here who is dealing solely 
with EBS.  They recently created a data guard standby database (play type) 
and went to try a failover to see how the app server would behave.  Again 
this is a play environment so errors are expected.  What she did not 
expect is that when failing over the database the system complained about 
block corruption.  We consequently figured out the it was due to the 
master db not having forced logging enabled so we know the master cause. 
But we did check around the db and found a very large number of 
application tables that had nologging set.  This e think is rather odd and 
is either a foul-up on the development side at Oracle or something they 
did deliberately for one reason or the other.  We're now wondering if 
setting forded logging on at the database level is going to cause us 
performance or other problems.  So, is anyone out there running EBS with a 
DG standby and forced logging on the master???  What effects are you 
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