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You can use export on HP and Imp on Sun, just ftp the dump file between
the two with a binary transfer. 

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Unfortunately there are rougly 1000 tables (in multiple schemas).

Do you know if I can use exp from HP-UX and imp from Sun? (or must I do
using the same OS)?


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>On 8/16/05, Allen, Brandon <Brandon.Allen@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> > I believe exp/imp is your only option for 9.2, but if you upgrade
> > 10g, and then you can use cross-platform transportable tablespaces.
> >
> >
>Dependent on the table structure, you could also use a utility to
>dump to flat files and load with sql loader.
>The advantage is the speed of sqlldr over imp.
>Whether exp/imp or sqlldr, you should be able to dump the data to a
>socket and read it simultaneously on the target system, with no need
>to create permanent files. (This is one thing you cannot do on Win32)
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