Re: CPU upgrade caused application slow down

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  • Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 11:54:17 +0800

Hi, Waleed:
    That is what I do everytime I reorgnized a table. The table that got
reorgnized was an IOT table with Overflow segment. After table recreated, I
move overflow segment to make it sorted.
    One more thing, the table is not a key table of the applications running
on this server, thoug the table is pretty big in size.
    I guess the difference in response time is from the network layer.But I
cannot prove it. No improvement in response is ok for CPU upgrade, as CPU
time is just  part of the total response time, but it should not get
longer:(, right?

Zhu Chao

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> Wondering if you have one major index that gets used most of the time =
> using range scan.
> If this is true, then reorganizing the table might have damaged a little =
> bit the clustering factor.
> If this is the case, then loading the table sorted on the columns used =
> by that index should help a lot.
> Regards,
> Waleed

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