RE: Bill Gates at OracleWorld???

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Putting Linux on people's desktops means to make a 
serious disservice to the Linux movement. There is an
old saying that if there was a program that any idiot can 
use, only idiots would use it. Windoze comes as close
as possible to that definition and I would like it to stay
that way. I hate KDE, GNOME 2.6, 3D Nautilus and alike.
Believe it or not, I replaced GDM by XDM and I use the 
good, old mwm instead of "desktop environment". Writing
a menu is not a problem after only one look to system.mwmrc.
I don't have icons on the background, I don't have 
similar stuff.  I like my Linux rare, without the freedom

Mladen Gogala
A & E TV Network
Ext. 1216

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> Hi All,
> Pure entertainment, minimum computer science.
> Bill Gates has to say something fast. SELinux will be in the 
> upcoming RH Enterprise v4 and is already in some other 
> distros. 

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