RE: Asynchronous Commit Feature of 10.2 - Basic Qs

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YES Anjo - Commit is being issued after a number of Accounts i.e. 300
A/cs by default & NOT after every A/c.

This Number of Accounts is parameterizable within the application & may
be changed by the User thereby changing the Commit frequency.

Thanks so much


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Does this batch job commit after every account or after a number of
accounts? If it is a number of accounts, can you specify the number of
accounts (commit frequency). If you, do that.

If you want to play around with commit_write be prepared to take a
backup :)


On 9/22/06, VIVEK_SHARMA <VIVEK_SHARMA@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Anjo, Folks

Qs 1 When using COMMIT_WRITE=BATCH,NOWAIT, After a database crash, if
the respective Application has the capability to check within the
database for

volume of transactions lost after complete recovery & re-play the same,
Can the COMMIT_WRITE=BATCH,NOWAIT feature be used in such a case?

This basically refers to periodic Batch nature of Transactions which run
with NO intermediate User intervention.

Anjo's reply - If the application can recover it self, yes why not.

Seek the following Clarification by citing a particular example:-

Our Banking Application runs the Interest Calculation batch Job for a
SET of Accounts. If for any reason the Job gets aborted while underway,
on re-starting the Application has the capability to check from within
the Database & run the interest calculation for only those accounts of
the set, whose calculation was still pending during the previous
calculation run. Those accounts of the SET whose Interest Calculation
was complete during the previous run are NOT subjected to re-run.

In such a case can COMMIT_WRITE=BATCH, NOWAIT be deployed in PRODUCTION
environment for the respective batch job?

Thanks indeed

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