Asynchronous Commit Feature of 10.2 - Basic Qs

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Qs 1 When using COMMIT_WRITE=BATCH,NOWAIT, After a database crash, if
the respective Application has the capability to check within the
database for

volume of transactions lost after complete recovery & re-play the same,
Can the COMMIT_WRITE=BATCH,NOWAIT feature be used in such a case?

This basically refers to periodic Batch nature of Transactions which run
with NO intermediate User intervention.

Qs 2 For a Process/SESSION consider that COMMIT_WRITE is set to

If 2 Commits are issued sequentially (i.e. one after another), is there
a possibility that the Commit which was issued later may be written 1st
to the

hard Disk ? Personally I think the answer is "NO"

Qs 3 If multiple processes are running parallely & committing data with
a related logical inter-dependency between them while doing updates, can

same be maintained when using the Asynchronous commit feature? To
Explain this in simpler words:-

Assume for 1 process COMMIT_WRITE is set to BATCH,NOWAIT.

Assume at 10:00 this process issues a Commit after updating a field
value to

say "A".

Assume that Oracle decides to write it to redo logs on Disk at 10:02.

Question - If at 10:01 ANOTHER process reads(SELECTs) the same field

will it get the UPDATED field Value of "A"

Qs 4 Is there any difference in the crash recovery mechanism in general
with the use of this feature when compared to not using the same, both
for Single instance & RAC setup?

Qs 5 Is there any difference in the rollback mechanism in general with
the use of this feature when compared to not using the same both for
single instance & RAC?

Qs 6 For COMMIT_WRITE=BATCH what are the general guidelines for data to
be batched & written to disk? Is there an outer-time line involved? Do
writes to disk necessarily happen at some periodicity?

Qs 7 If archivelog mode is enabled, is there any change in the WRITEs
mechanism to the archived redo log files?

Qs 8 Performance benefits seen when using this feature?

Qs 9 Any Good Links / Docs on this?

Thanks indeed

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