RE: Archiver error without archive log mode

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Did you turn on the flashback database feature?  If so, then archiving may have 
been turned on for you.  It adds another log_archive_dest_1 that points to the 
flashback area.


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Hi Mark,

Mark W. Farnham schrieb:
> Have you recently switched to noarchivelog mode and possibly it is
> still trying to archive logs that are at least partially from the
> period when you were in archivelogmode?
No, this system has never been in archive log mode. Thus, the archive log 
target does not exist, anyway.

> This all seems a bit odd to me, but then I don't push hard on
> noarchivelog mode.
Yes, odd is the right word. I simply can't imagine why the ARCH process is 
running, anyway.


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