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Thanks James and John.

The PL/SQL, developed in-house (not Oracle Apps), is called from a batch job
which runs a script.  

The script doesn't loop, but the PL/SQL does ... through all 
order_lines for a specified order_release_id.

I just didn't understand why consecutive "APPNAME mod=" lines would be
emitted in the
trace.  I've had a heart-to-heart with one of our support analysts.

     Standards (established for good reasons) led to the use of SET_MODULE.
For this particular batch job, *every* procedure and function call registers
and de-registers
the module or action.  Functions are called during assignment operations.  
The trace file doesn't show assignments (may level-12 would?), so it was not
really obvious what
was calling SET_MODULE.

I'm having a little trouble with calculating how much this contributes to
response time,
but I'll review Cary/Jeff's book tonight.  Some time seems to be missing,
but I hope
to pinpoint that tonight.

Thanks again,

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Is this an Oracle Apps (E-Business Suite) instance? In that case, is
this from a Concurrent report? You may not be able to see the SET_MODULE
as the wrappers around the Concurrent report may have set this....


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Petersen, Nelson wrote:
> Would the trace be writing these lines out-of-order?
> I've looked at the PL/SQL (developed in-house) and I don't see 
> consecutive calls to SET_MODULE.

Is there only one call to SET_MODULE in your PL/SQL code?  If yes, is
that code being called from outside of Oracle (some scripts or GUI
program)?  Maybe the calling program loops around the call to the PL/SQL



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