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Please note, that in 10g you don't have to call
dbms_session.set_module to "register" you module in the database
(tracefile). 10g allows you to piggyback module information using "End
to End Metrics", for example, in java (this applies to all Oracle Call
Interfaces) you can use OracleConnection.setEndToEndMetrics() and
Oracle will not send message instantly, but will piggyback this
information to next server call (parse/execute/fetch/etc).

Using End to End Metrics you will remove one roundtrip between your
application and database server, but in your case, you can remove many
roundtrips using this technique.

You probably are aware of this, but I still decided to make a note.

On 6/7/06, Petersen, Nelson <nelson.petersen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks James and John.

The PL/SQL, developed in-house (not Oracle Apps), is called from a batch job
which runs a script.

The script doesn't loop, but the PL/SQL does ... through all
order_lines for a specified order_release_id.

I just didn't understand why consecutive "APPNAME mod=" lines would be
emitted in the
trace.  I've had a heart-to-heart with one of our support analysts.

    Standards (established for good reasons) led to the use of SET_MODULE.
For this particular batch job, *every* procedure and function call registers
and de-registers
the module or action.  Functions are called during assignment operations.
The trace file doesn't show assignments (may level-12 would?), so it was not
really obvious what
was calling SET_MODULE.

I'm having a little trouble with calculating how much this contributes to
response time,
but I'll review Cary/Jeff's book tonight.  Some time seems to be missing,
but I hope
to pinpoint that tonight.

Thanks again,

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Is this an Oracle Apps (E-Business Suite) instance? In that case, is
this from a Concurrent report? You may not be able to see the SET_MODULE
as the wrappers around the Concurrent report may have set this....


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Petersen, Nelson wrote:
> Would the trace be writing these lines out-of-order?
> I've looked at the PL/SQL (developed in-house) and I don't see
> consecutive calls to SET_MODULE.

Is there only one call to SET_MODULE in your PL/SQL code?  If yes, is
that code being called from outside of Oracle (some scripts or GUI
program)?  Maybe the calling program loops around the call to the PL/SQL



Best regards,
 Edgar Chupit

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