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  • Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 10:20:25 -0400

Sounds good to me!  


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Hello All,

I've made a few changes. They are tentative.
Please send any feedback directly to me.

1. Messages will no longer carry the "Reply-To:" header line.
   Use "Reply to All" to reply to the list.
   Use "Reply" to respond privately.

2. The "welcome" message now reads as follows:

  "Welcome to Oracle-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
   This is an unmoderated forum for the discussion of anything to do with
Oracle database administration.
   1. no unprofessional language or content
   2. all threads must relate to Oracle database administration
   3. all replies must add some value
   4. delete unnecessary lines from your replies

   Steve Adams
   List Administrator

   Please note those guidelines.
   There is room for improvement on guidelines 3 & 4.

3. Subscription requests will now be forwarded to me for confirmation.

@   Regards,
@   Steve Adams
@         - For DBAs
@  - For all 

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