RE: 9205/9206 RAC on Linux RHAS 3.0

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  • Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 02:54:52 -0800

There are some unpublished bugs relating to asynch I/O on ocfs and =
non-contigous files. It is not recommended to use asynch with ocfs on AS =
2.1 or AS 3.0 until it is fixed in the near future with a new ocfs =
version. Using it can cause corruptions.
There are always some bugs depending on what you are doing with your =
current hardware/OS/Database/Software/Human interactions.

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Are you running 9025 or 9206 on Linux RHAS 3.0 with disk_asynch_io =
Are you running RAC?

If so, I want to please hear from managment wants to get an =
idea on number of sites running on our platform with AIO.

Management is leary of the it can cause corruption and it has issues =
statem,entas that have been tosssed around in our community that I feel =
are more accurate for older versions of Linux and Oracle.

My understanding is that 9205/9206 oin RHAS 3.0 is stable and no =
significant/known bugs.

I am verifying the bug aspect and will test, but at this time I'm just =
trying to get approval to test with AIO.



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