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Jef Jodell might be able to help you - he is on Optimal, so he should see this!!


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The mirror to the top port of a cherished Topcon VT is still moving when the 
digital picture is taken, causing intermittent blurry photos.  The delay on the 
flash seems to be greater on the Polaroid setting, making me think the delay 
might be electronically controllable.

So... does anyone know how to adjust the delay on these beautiful antiques?  I 
would think another 1/10 second would do the trick without being too long for 
patient movement.  I am fairly handy, and have not been electrocuted yet.

We already dampen most of the vibration on the mirror with little springs to 
help hold the mirror tight against the stop .  And no, just using the Polaroid 
button doesn't work.

Thanks for the help.

Martin Rothenberg
Chief, Operations
Angiographics, Inc.
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