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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 15:43:23 -0800

Cox pulled the same thing on me. The 'rate' turned out to be a
promotional rate. Then they jacked the fees up. And about a month
after that they jacked the fees up again. I told them I had a 2 year
contract at a fixed price and that they were breaking their own
contractual agreement. 'If you don't like it, go elsewhere'. They did
give in and comp me a refund on the difference. But you know what -
about 4 months later they snuck that back into the bill.

ATT was even worse for business DSL. They called me up after changing
hands from SBC and told me I was now 'too far from the local POP so my
rates were going up'. Nevermind the fact that I doubt my house or
their POP grew legs and walked.

An interesting warning for anyone using Cox or ATT - if you happen to
call them for any kind of reason, make sure you tell them to not
extend your contract at the end of the call. Both Cox and ATT pulled
that on me and renewed my yearly contract (ATT including penalty fees)
after routine calls i.e. 'why is my service out'.

All of these cablecos and telcos are underhanded scumbags. I get my
own back by sucking down as much of their bandwidth as I can.


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