[opendtv] iTunes HD movies only for rent on Apple TV

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Macworld.Ars: iTunes HD movies only for rent on Apple TV

By David Chartier | Published: January 15, 2008 - 03:28PM CT

While preparing a more in-depth post covering Apple's announcement of 
movie rentals for the iTunes Store (coming very soon), we came across 
a tidbit about the new "feature" that was worth getting out on its 

Apple has all the major film studios on board for iTunes Store movie 
rentals, and over 1,000 movies are available today once you install 
the new iTunes 7.6. For HD, just 100 movies are available right now 
(with more obviously on their way). However, Ars Technica has been 
able to confirm from an Apple rep on the floor that that HD movies 
are only available for rent (not purchase to own), and only on the 
Apple TV (not on the computer). Users cannot browse for HD movies in 
iTunes to rent for the Apple TV-it all has to be done on the device 
itself. And if you don't have an Apple TV, you're out of luck 
altogether-"DVD quality" rentals and purchases are all you can get.



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