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Special Section
<http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/1379.cfm>           Is 
the Disney-Pixar Deal Overhyped?
                                Walt Disney announced yesterday that 
it is acquiring Pixar, the animated film studio that has made such 
hits as         The Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Toy Story. As part 
of the $7.4 billion deal, Pixar's founder, Steve Jobs, will become a 
Disney board member and also its biggest shareholder. In an 
audio-only interview, Wharton marketing professor Peter Fader speaks 
with Mukul Pandya, editor-in-chief of Knowledge@Wharton, and Robbie 
Shell, editorial director, about the implications of this deal, not 
just for the two companies involved but for the whole media and 
entertainment industry.
Note this is an audio interview.


                Managing Technology
        Digital Rights Management (DRM): Media Companies' Next Flop?
                                Big media players are accustomed to 
watching the ratings for the most popular music, video and book 
content, but perhaps they should pay more attention to how consumers 
feel about three letters at the bottom of most charts -- DRM, which 
stands for digital rights management. Broadly defined, DRM 
encompasses multiple technologies that control the use of software, 
music, movies or any other piece of digital content. But media 
companies are risking a consumer backlash by deploying overzealous 
systems with draconian restrictions, say experts at Wharton, who also 
question whether DRM is worth the effort, whether it will survive, 
and what the best approach is for balancing the rights of consumers 
with the rights of content creators.
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