[opendtv] Samsung preps Wi-Fi variant for TVs

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Right on cue, this article shows that the hurdle of getting Internet TV
programming onto TV sets is proceeding at a leisurely pace. Rather than
assuming, as the article did, that Internet TV must be confined to the
sit-up-close PC or laptop crowd.

Of course, with HDTVs, it's also possible to simply use the TV set as a
PC monitor, and just use the PC as another STB for your TV set.


Samsung preps Wi-Fi variant for TVs
Company discusses status of Internet, 3-D TV

Rick Merritt
(12/08/2008 6:40 PM EST)
URL: http://www.eetimes.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=212300252

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Samsung is defining its own variation of Wi-Fi
for its digital TVs and could release the technology as early as next
year. The effort is one of a wide variety of developments in its
television business the company discussed at an annual tech forum here. 
TV makers showed a wide range of wireless technologies to get video in
an out of digital TVs at last year's Consumer Electronics Show. At least
two startups have recently disclosed their own Wi-Fi variants for video.

Samsung is currently working on both 60 GHz technology and its own
variant of Wi-Fi for this scenario, said Hyun-Suk Kim, vice president of
R&D for Samsung's television products, speaking in a press Q&A session

Separately, industry efforts to bring Internet content to flat-panel TVs
is moving slowly, Kim said. Business deals required to bring Web content
to the TV are complex and many home still lack the broadband connections
such services require, he added.

"We are at an early stage," Kim said. "Hardware-wise, everything is
ready, but the problem is there are so many parties that want to have
their own share [of this business] so it's complicated."

Samsung is one of several companies working with Intel and Yahoo to use
software widgets as a way to bring Web content to the PC.

Meanwhile, the company is internally testing a stereoscopic 3-D
rendering chip for its TVs that could be released as early as the second
half of 2009. The chip could help translate 2-D video content to 3-D. It
could also interpret 2-D content with embedded depth information, an
approach Kim said he expects some Hollywood producers to adopt next

In terms of 3-D displays, "the easiest way is to have 60 Hz each for
left and right images, so the display does not change because we have
120 and 240 Hz displays," he said.

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