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This article could not have been timed better.
Here's an example of products that are designed
to extract the best out of a new standard, just
like hifi audio grew out of the LP and FM radio
standards of the day.


Samsung SDI develops 102-inch plasma display
By Yoshiko Hara , EE Times
December 17, 2004 (11:34 AM EST)
URL: http://www.eet.com/article/showArticle.jhtml?articleId=3D55800804

TOKYO - Samsung SDI Co. Ltd., a display manufacturing
company of the Samsung group, has developed a 102-in.
plasma display panel, eclipsing an 80-in. panel the
company announced in January.

The 102-in. panel features resolution of 1,920 x 1,080
pixels, a brightness of 1,000 candelas, and a contrast
of 2,000 to 1.

Samsung SDI will build the plasma display in its Chonan
factory in Chungchon Province. Two lines are already
operating with a capacity of 130,000 units (counted as
42-inch panels) a month. As part of a previously
announced expansion, a third line is slated to begin
operating before the year's end, with a capacity of
120,000 units a month.

The 102-in. panel was fabricated from a 102-in. diagonal
glass substrate, from which four 50-inch panels can be
cut out. Although 42 in. is considered an
industry-standard size, Samsung SDI is focusing on 50-in.
to 60-in. panels as well, according to a Samsung SDI

Samsung SDI intends to invest about 30 billion won to
begin producing large size 80 and 102 in. panels the
first half of next year. The company expects these
panels to find use in public displays and businesses.

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