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There were and still may be many 'NTSC443' Umatic, VHS VCRs and monitors in use in Europe. I know Sony made them, Panasonic and others may have as well. Whether they also made NTSC443
cameras is unknown to me.

I don't believe there ever was an 'over the air broadcast standard' anywhere in the world based on this system, but it was used in corporate, industrial and medical video systems in the UK and probably other 50Hz countries.

One piece I read stated the tapes these units played were actually recorded in NTSC358, but the decks included circuitry which converted the chroma up to 4.43 so multi-standard monitors could play them in color. The 4.43 conversion eliminated the need for a second [3.58] color decoder in the monitors.

Googling 'NTSC443' results in over 1700 hits, one notably about designing a video to VGA convertor for
this standard.

Dale Kelly wrote:

Thanks Don,
I've also tried to explain this to the group several times over the years.
However, I also was not aware that there were 625/50 NTSC systems; which
would occur if NTSC was adopted by a region with 50 Hz power line frequency.
Would that be Japan?

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I wasn't arguing your point, but other postings on the topic were equating
625/50 systems with PAL, and vice-versa.  Perhaps that is where my comment
should have appeared.  Some world TV standards use a 525 line PAL color
system, and others use a 625 line NTCS color system.

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