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  • Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2014 22:38:58 +0000

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> Hulu could expand its inventory in MANY ways. They could offer the old
> program libraries from all of the networks for which they provide
> catch-up services. They could buy up movie libraries.

And they do all of the above. Then, to compete more directly against the 
others, unless they're happy with an eventually flat growth curve, they have to 
get into other products, which may include original content.

> Original, EXCLUSIVE content is the way content portals create demand
> for THEIR service.

Exclusive DOES NOT have to mean creating original TV content, Craig. They could 
compete on the basis of really low cost. They could compete on the basis of 
different bundling formulas. They could compete on exclusive but still recycled 
material. For instance, my contention is that the TV networks could effectively 
compete elsewhere in the world by offering nothing more than the original, 
undubbed, no subtitles version of current TV shows, in places where these are 
not otherwise available. It's their content. They can do this.

> This is what is so frustrating in dealing with you BERT. I've been
> hammering this concept for weeks.

Not to be overly blunt, but did it ever occur to you, Craig, that you "hammer 
for weeks" on many topics that don't necessarily make a lot of sense? You 
hammered for years on how great 480p could be. You hammered for years on what 
digital TV would be, and how it was part of "the Internet." You hammered for a 
long time on converting the unwalled OTA TV model into yet another MVPD 
(spectrum utility). And now you're hammering about how the MVPD formula, which 
evolved from a technical necessity dating back 40+ years, will go on ad 

Don’t be frustrated if everyone doesn't drink the kool aid!


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