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Interestingly, we see the same thing on our 15" analog TV down here in
Suncoast Florida.  So, I suspect some of the problem is on network feeds,
rather than an 8VSB OTA problem.


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> John,
> I have told you of my futile experiments with ATSC HDTV
> reception.  I was there from the beginning with ATSC since 1999
> and have continually found reception with blocking (aka tiling)
> and complete drop out artifacts to be difficult if not possible
> to achieve.  This was through the first generation Panasonic
> boxes, my second generation Sony KD-34XBR2 set, and my latest
> third generation Sony KD-34XBR960 Super Fine Pitch™ XBR  - the
> last great CRT HDTV receiver (they went to a less resolved
> Trinitron in the 750).
> With the KD-34XBR2 receiver, I had a 34 foot high Winegard
> antenna on a two story building in Westwood, and unless I turned
> the antenna in azimuth directly to Mount Wilson, I would have
> occasional blocking.
> With every generation of ATSC receivers and continual problems,
> they have repeatedly said the "next generation" of chips would
> solve the problem.  Sinclair argued at the start of ATSC to
> shelve it and adopt COFDM modulation - they were accused of just
> dragging their feet to save new transmitter cost, but I am
> beginning to suspect they were right.  But the problem has still
> not been solved.
> So on nights when the cable has problems, I tune my KD-34XBR960
> to direct reception and use a UHF loop.  I can see the red lights
> of the four Omaha towers with my eye out the window from the
> receiver - but I still get blocking and complete drops outs.  The
> system just does not work, except with a perfect signal.
> Maybe someone from Zenith, on the distribution, has some comments
> regarding the problem.
> Ed Reitan

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