[opendtv] Eugene, OR has a new SBE Chapter

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  • Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 10:15:23 -0400

Fellow Broadcasters:

I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate the engineering community of 
central Oregon and in particular Eugene, for forming the newest SBE Chapter. It 
is my understanding that it will be called "Eugene SBE Chapter 76." As a 
charter member of that chapter, I'd like to thank SBE national for permitting 
us to reactivate the number of an SBE chapter that went dark some 20 years ago 
in our area.


I'd also like to congratulate Dennis Hunt, Director of Engineering for Chambers 
Communications and KEZI-TV in Eugene for his election as Charter President, 
Chris Heck, Chief Engineer of KLCC-FM as Chapter 76's Vice-Chairman and all the 
other officers who will guide this new chapter into an award-winning 


If you'd like to either join our new chapter or move your membership to our 
chapter, please contact


Eugene Chapter 76 will meet monthly on the second Monday of the month at 11:15 
AM at McMenamin's "The North Bank," 22 Club Road, Eugene, OR (541-343-5622). 
Lunch is "Dutch Treat." The menu has a fairly good selection. Our next meeting 
is on Monday, July 12th. The subject is Sennheiser Wireless Microphones. Anyone 
interested in this subject matter is welcomed to join us. You do not have to be 
an SBE member to attend any SBE meeting. For more details, visit: 


Joe Wagner and Kyle Kovalik from Sennheiser will give a presentation on 
coordinating Wireless Microphone frequencies with DTV, analog TV allocations, 
and the new emergency services frequency allocations. Not all is hopeless! 
There are a lot of tricks and with a little planning, your 10 mW wireless mic 
can find a way to co-exist with the high power transmitters.


You can also coordinate the frequency of your wireless mics in Oregon and SW 
Washington at http://www.sbe124.org/part_74/ . For Sennheiser, see 
http://www.sennheiserusa.com/newsite/category.asp?transid=cat50 , and a cool 
chart of Oregon UHF TV stations' frequencies at:



We will continue to work with Portland's SBE Chapter 124 and their excellent 
job of statewide frequency coordination, the Water Cooled Newsletter and 
sharing programs.


Speaking of programs, in this age of ever-advancing and changing technology, it 
is important to every member of the broadcast community to keep abreast with 
all the new and innovative services, products and methodology or they can very 
rapidly find themselves way behind and even replaced with someone who has made 
the effort to keep up. 


One sure way of keeping up is to belong to an SBE chapter that has good, 
regular meetings where the new technology that covers most all aspects of our 
industry is presented at their monthly meetings. As Eugene SBE Chapter 76's new 
program chairman, I will make every effort to have the latest information at 
our meetings and information that will be of interest to both radio and 
television engineers. My philosophy is learning can be fun and well as 
beneficial and I don't like driving 65 miles to an SBE meeting unless I can 
depart with more knowledge than when I started.


Since we are a small, new chapter, some of us will ware more than one hat. As 
Eugene SBE Chapter 76's new membership chairman, I will be contacting not only 
the engineers at ALL of Central Oregon's broadcast facilities, but I will also 
attempt to educate the General Managers in the importance of supporting their 
engineers when it comes to encouraging them to attend our meetings and invite 
them to attend too.


Oh and by the way, our August program will be at a different time and venue. It 
will be, of course, "The Road Show - A Taste of NAB 2004" with all its 
technical info and door prizes. Due to the Road Show's schedule, we will depart 
from our second Monday schedule and meet on Monday, August 23rd at KLSR/KEVU-TV 
(2nd Floor) 2940 Chad Drive, Eugene, OR at 11:15 AM. All are invited to attend. 
Our host is Tim Hershiser, Chief Engineer of KLSR/KEVU-TV. A fine lunch will be 
provided by Professional Video & Tape (Brian Walker) of Tigard, Oregon [(800) 
833-4801 or (503) 598-9142 x 17] bwalker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 
www.ProVideoandTape.com. The presentation will begin after lunch and a brief 
SBE meeting.


We will be back on track with our September 13th meeting. Details will be 
posted later.


I'm very proud to be a part of such a fine group.

Larry Bloomfield, KA6UTC
The Road Show - A Taste of NAB
1980 25th St.
Florence, OR 97439
(541) 902-2424 Home/Office/Cell

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