[openbeos-midi] Re: Everybody Ready

  • From: "Martijn Sipkema" <msipkema@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeos-midi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 13:44:22 +0100

> >I am missing the classes of the Midi Kit 2.
> >Is support for Midi Kit 2 planned for OBOS R1?
> I don't think the official decision is out on when this will be done.  It
> will inevitably be incorporated, however I don't see any point in waiting
> for a decision to start on MidiKit 1.  If we can nail MidiKit 1 before the
> rest of the teams are completed through to an OBOS R1 level, I don't see
> reason why we couldn't drop in Midi 2 support.
> As you (Michael and Dan) are obviously the Midi 2 expert around here from
> your work with MidiSynth 1.6 which supports Midi 2, perhaps you could
> enlighten us as to what (if any) architectural differences are necessary,
> and what will make it easy for you (and Dan) to add the Midi 2
> in the future without too much hastle.
> I'm in favor of taking it one step at a time.  Let's aim for the
> of the BeBook specified API, and then move forward.  Perhaps we should add
> directory for you to place the Midi 2 work though?  It would serve as a
> reference for everyone unfamiliar with it, and give hints as to how it
> merge into the not-yet-existant MidiKit 1 codebase.

A few notes:

- It might be easier to implement the old MIDI Kit on top of midi2.

- That way you could also use midi2 user space drivers from the old MIDI

- midi2 is the preferred MIDI Kit for R5.

- There are user space drivers available for USB MIDI interfaces for the
midi2 kit.
I have an Emagic AMT8
 http://www.emagic.de/english/products/hardware/amt8.html )
for which I wrote a simple user space midi2 driver. Writing the old MIDI Kit
so that
BMidiPort accesses a driver directly would make adding support for
devices harder, requiring a kernel driver. Having the old MIDI Kit access
either through midi2 or a plugin architecture would allow user space

- From the MIDI application on BeBits, I think at least 8Slots, Chochoito
, Keyboard keyboard, KMidiLevelMeter, KMidiMixer, KMidiPlay, MidiPaint
, MidiSynth, Patch Studio, Rack747, Sequitur, serial_midi_server,
, Mev, PecoBeat and (my own) MIDI Mixer, MIDI clock generator and MIDI
Keyboard (which I recently open sourced,
ftp://sipkema-digital.com/midikeyboard153GPL.tar.gz ) all use the midi2 Kit
and DrumView, HoneyFx
, Qua, Dynamic Composer I am not sure of, maybe even some others. That is


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