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Dear SIG Member:
        Welcome to the new SIG list. This is an unmoderated reincarnation of 
the list. Your posts should be
sent to the list as fast as you send them without moderator approval. Please do 
*not* respond to the old
yahoogroups list as it is uncertain if and when your post will be sent to the 
group as a whole. This is a
'closed' list meaning that it does not offer a public subscription interface. 
If you know of someone who wants
to subscribe, he/she will have to join the SIG or send me an email 
        Peter Rooney and I are working on scheduling the August meeting and 
arranging for a speaker. Stay
tuned! There will probably be another email sometime today.
        In the meantime, let's begin sharing our 'Fox' lives. What are your 
concerns vis-à-vis FoxPro and
being a VFP programmer? What did you think of our first meeting? How'd you like 
Peter's and my presentation?
Do you think it helped the general desktop user understand what databases and 
VFP in particular are all about?
How many of you are employees vs. consultants, and, if the latter, do you work 
solely by yourself? What led
you to choose one over the other.
        If you joined NYACC, you should have received the August newsletter. In 
it, you'll see that our Peter
Rooney is the contact for the consultants' SIG. Pete, would you mind sending up 
a description of that group?


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