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Dear SIG Member:

Lew asked me to describe NYACC, which has become our umbrella organization,
giving us access to rooms and equipment in NYU classrooms. NYU offers this
as a community service to select groups. NYACC's main obligation is to
maintain liability insurance (about $2000 / year) and be a good guest.

The New York Amateur Computer Club (NYACC) is a non-profit organization
formed in about 1980 for the purpose of advancing and disseminating
information about computers - "devoted to education, the advancement of
science, and the promotion of camaraderie among enthusiasts and operators of
small computing systems of all flavors." It calls itself the country's 2nd
oldest computer club, but it may really be the oldest. It is allied with
another club, NYPC, and the two clubs share benefits, such as educational
discounts and occasional joint meetings.

NYACC meets monthly on the 2nd Thursday. The next meeting, on August 9, at 7
pm, will be about researching health subjects online. The location is NYU,
Main Building, room #806. The NYCFOXSIG encourages you to join NYACC at the
very nominal rate of $20/year, for the many advantages stated. Contact the
treasurer at the general meeting, or send payment to NYACC, PO Box 7844, JAF
Station, NYC 10016 (treasurer e-mail: richard.labov@xxxxxxxxxxxx . 

Peter Rooney

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