[norcal-hug] Re: Time to plan our next meeting?

  • From: "Jorge G. Mare (a.k.a. Koki)" <koki@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: norcal-hug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 10:06:52 -0800

Hi William,

William Tracy wrote:
On Jan 28, 2008 12:34 PM, Jorge G. Mare (a.k.a. Koki) <koki@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If it's just 3-4 of us hosting the
meeting, it may become more of a distraction.

Are the HUG meetings usually this small?

NorCal-HUG only started late last year, and has only three members at this point (that's Scott, Urias and myself).

We have had only one meeting so far, which was more of a Haiku get together than typical local user group meeting. You can see a few details here:


...and some photos here:


In theory, I should be close enough to make it to a meeting in the Bay
Area or Sacramento, but my schedule doesn't seem about to permit
anything like that any time soon. :-(

I believe we should start thinking how we can address a local audience in an attempt to grow the membership. Perhaps the next meeting could be used for that. How about we plan a "NORCAL-HUG wants you campaign" as a theme for the next meeting?

William, please, stay delurked. :) As you can see, we are a small group, and we need more people to contribute in order to make the HUG more lively. :)



PS: William, may I suggest that you register to nocal-hug.org? That would give us a better idea of where you are located. :)

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