[norcal-hug] Re: Time to plan our next meeting?

  • From: "William Tracy" <afishionado@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: norcal-hug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 16:50:16 -0800

On Jan 30, 2008 3:28 PM, Urias McCullough <umccullough@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey, Haiku still uses bash and all the same coreutils! :D

Point taken. :-)

> Haiku definitely has a "refined" target audience - that doesn't
> completely align with Linux.

The different Linux distros have completely different target
audiences. So Haiku might compete with, say, Ubuntu or Mandriva, but
probably not with Gentoo or Slackware. ;-)

> You may want to take a look at Syllable also. I haven't
> taken a serious look at it myself, but I gather it has many similar
> goals to Haiku.

Ooh, I'd forgotton about Syllable. A quick glance at their website
suggests that they are doing some very cool stuff these days. They're
even porting over to the Linux kernel ("Syllable Server").

> Cool! I wish I'd studied lower-level stuff in school - I never really
> got any lower than Pascal (using Turbo Pascal) - and then fell into a
> Visual Basic job and now do mostly C# and T-SQL development. I'd love
> to have gotten into the deeper C++, C, and even some assembly.

Somehow, all of the code I've released as Open Source so far has been
Java. However, I'm working on a game right now written in C with
OpenGL. (Hmm, if I was willing to port over the drivers for my Intel
video card, I could probably port the game to Haiku. Interesting.)

> Haiku definitely needs more kernel devs...

I don't have any experience writing code in the kernel, but I have
enjoyed my experience writing system code that lives just above the
kernel. We'll see if actually working in the kernel is as painful as
some people make it out to be. :-)

> http://norcal-hug.org/ is working for me currently... wonder what happened?

Works now. Go figure.

> Hope to see you in the future! :)

That would definitely be cool.

William Tracy
afishionado@xxxxxxxxx -- wtracy@xxxxxxxxxxx

Assembly language experience is [important] for the maturity and
understanding of how computers work that it provides.
                -- D. Gries

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