Six killed in Israeli helicopter attack

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RAMALLAH, June 24: Israeli forces stepped up their campaign against
Palestinians on Monday, retaking Yasser Arafat's home base of Ramallah
and killing six people in a helicopter raid on the Gaza Strip. 

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon warned that the Gaza raid was only a
taste of things to come and the army was preparing a "massive military
operation" against Hamas in the territory. Israeli troops, backed by
dozens of tanks as well as helicopter gunships, moved into Ramallah for
the third time this month, imposing a curfew and sealing off Arafat's
already-battered compound. 

At the same time, helicopter-fired missiles killed six Palestinians,
including two military officials of Hamas, riding in two cars on the
southern Gaza Strip. Palestinian officials said they were "targeted

Two senior Hamas members, Yasser Rizk, 29, and Amir Koffa, 28, were
among those killed, a Hamas official said. 

The Israeli army acknowledged killing Rizk, saying he was behind a Jan 9
attack that left four soldiers dead and was also organizing new suicide
bombings in Israel. 

The helicopter attack drew threats of reprisals from Hamas, which
claimed responsibility for the June 18 suicide bombing of a bus that
killed 19 Israelis as well as the bomber. 

Palestinian security officials, often criticized for not doing enough to
stop suicide bombings, also put Hamas's spiritual leader, Sheikh Ahmed
Yassin, under house arrest in Gaza City. 

RAMALLAH AGAIN: Palestinian security sources said between 50 and 60
tanks, armoured personnel carriers and other vehicles rolled into
Ramallah before dawn, with at least two helicopter gunships in support.
The Israelis imposed a curfew on Ramallah, Al-Amari refugee camp and the
neighbouring town of El-Bireh. 

The Israelis, who have vowed to occupy Palestinian territory for as long
as the attacks on their people continue, now control all eight major
West Bank towns apart from Al Khalil and Jericho. 

Arafat denounced the new blockade of his headquarters, which he said
came as his security services were taking action against hardliners in
the Gaza Strip. 

"Through this action, the Israeli government has revealed to the world
its real intentions as well as its expansionist goals and has ridiculed
our calls for peace," Arafat said. 

Source:  AFP

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