Documentary Shows American Troops Tortured Taliban

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Source: Sunday Mirror

American troops cut out the tongues of Taliban prisoners and poured acid
over their heads before ordering their deaths, a TV documentary claims.

The film Massacre At Mazar claims that the soldiers orchestrated the
slaughter of al-Qaeda fighters during an uprising at the prison
the bloodiest battle of the Afghan war, at Mazar-e-Sharif. One Northern 
Alliance soldier says in the film: "The Americans did whatever they
We had no power to stop them.

"I was a witness when an American soldier broke one prisoner's neck and
poured acid-like substances on others." Another witness claims four
prisoners were beaten unconscious by US soldiers, then disappeared. He

"They cut their hair and poured acid or something on to them. They were
screaming and jumping up and down. They had a black stick and beat

The US and Northern Alliance have always denied claims of a massacre at
Qala-i-Janghi fortress in Mazar-e-Sharif. The evidence of new atrocities

comes after the Sunday Mirror published pictures of the horrific
of Taliban fighters held at another camp, Shibarghan - dubbed the Afghan


The film, made by British producer Jamie Doran, and shown to the German
parliament last week, also tells how 8,000 Taliban prisoners were
rounded up 
and transported in metal containers to Shirbaghan. A driver of one of
trucks says many prisoners died of thirst in the stifling containers.

Another witness admits to accidental fatalities when he shot holes in
side of containers to allow prisoners to breath. He says: "They were
for air. I hit the side with bullets to create air - and some were

And two men claim they were forced to drive hundreds of Taliban into the
desert where they were shot while up to 40 US soldiers looked on. The
is based on testimonies from six witnesses, including a senior army

All have agreed to give evidence at any future war crimes tribunal.

Last night human rights lawyer Andrew McEntee, former chairman of
International UK, called for the allegations to be investigated. He
"These alleged crimes would carry a life imprisonment in many
countries." A 
US Army spokesman said later: "We have been asked about allegations that

Taliban prisoners were executed while US special forces soldiers stood
and watched. We checked and didn't have anything to substantiate those 

Source: Sunday Mirror

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