Bush's speech to the UN

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15th September 2002     


Bush's speech to the UN again reveals his colonialist agenda


President George Bush in his speech to the United Nations General
Assembly on the 12 September argued extensively about the urgent need to
attack Iraq just as his father had done before him in 1991. It was
abundantly clear from Bush's speech that once again America in its
arrogance views the whole world simply as its own personal dominion
engaging in any activity or action that she desires.

Bush's speech contained many justifications about the need to go to war,
Iraq's failure to comply with UN sanctions, the brutality of Saddam
Hussain, the possession of weapons of mass destruction and Iraq's links
to international terrorist groups. Quite characteristically of the 43rd
President of the United States, the speech was long on rhetoric and
abysmally short on rational argument.

Indeed if Baghdad is to be attacked because it disobeys international
law, then presumably Tel Aviv and New Delhi will also be next on the
list. Also when did US Presidents start getting a conscience and an
aversion in dealing with nasty and brutal dictators as has been
evidenced by its past dealings with Marcos and Suharto or its current
dealings with its new allies in the 'War on Terror' Karimov and
Musharraf. As for the use of weapons of mass destruction, the US has
been at the top of this list having used nuclear weapons killing
hundreds of thousands in Japan (twice) and its use of chemical warfare
via the use of agent-orange in Vietnam burning thousand of Vietnamese
women and children to their deaths.

It is therefore clear to any rational observer that Bush is not at all
concerned about the people of Iraq, the sanctity or relevance of
international law, bringing in democratic norms or even about the
security of the American people. What Bush and his fellow capitalists in
the administration are concerned about are the security, sanctity and
welfare of Corporate America. It is not without reason that the defence
establishment and the oil industry are rubbing their hands at another
Gulf war and the windfall profits that will inevitably follow. This is
not a 'War on terror' but a 'War on Muslims' and a 'War to achieve
profits for US companies'. All this will be done at the expense of the
blood of thousands of Muslims in Iraq. It is clear therefore that only
the Khilafah can protect and unify the Muslims of the world, defeat the
colonialist agenda and spread justice to the entire world. 

It is therefore imperative that Muslims stand up and expose with open
tongues the lies and the deceit behind the war on Iraq. We have a
fundamental responsibility to expose the corrupt basis behind the
capitalist agenda and to be at the forefront of exposing the
contradictions of the Capitalist ideology and its colonialist worldview.

Allah indeed obliges us to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Muslims
of Iraq in any upcoming conflict. He says:


'But if they seek your help in the deen, it is your duty to help them'

Hizb ut Tahrir Britain 
15 September 2002 

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