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TX and SW Articles

Mistaken Science Leads to Texas Executions

The state Board of Examiners of
Psychologists recognized Brown's complaint,
and said that Denkowski had made
"administration, scoring and mathematical...


Nurse sues doctor and Valley Baptist
Medical Center-Brownsville [The ...

Jan. 15--A registered nurse has
filed a lawsuit against a doctor
claiming he harassed her with lewd
and sexually suggestive behavior
and against the Valley Baptist
Medical Center in Brownsville for
allegedly failing to stop the offensive
conduct. Samantha Sanders, who
continues to work at the medical
facility, filed the lawsuit Wednesday
in state district court against
Dr. Preston Ukoli and the medical
facility. Ukoli declined to comment,
noting that he was not aware of
the lawsuit. The lawsuit reflects
that Phil Bellamy is Ukoli's
attorney. He did not respond to
several requests for comment.


Fort Hood aftermath: Some Army
officers' careers may be over
Christian Science Monitor

Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army doctor
with extremist views, is accused of
killing 13 in the shootings. Among
the report's conclusions: The military
does not do ...


Woman told mom of marital
problems before death
Houston Chronicle

Dulin told jurors that her daughter
was not depressed, although a doctor
had diagnosed Kari Baker with depression
and anxiety the week before her
death. ...


Health reform would place greater
burden on California for its generosity
San Jose Mercury News

Making matters worse, the legislation
would offer more federal relief to
states that now offer Medicaid to only
the neediest people, such as Texas
and ...


McCloskey sentenced to 30 years
for doctor's slaying
San Antonio Express

Husband Ben Abbott recalled the
moment they fell in love, decades ago,
while making snow angels together
on the Texas Tech University campus. ...


Call for Public Comment - Nursing:
Scope & Standards of Practice

The American Nurses Association (ANA)
is seeking comments on the
following revised publication: Nursing:
Scope & Standards of Practice,
Second Edition

ANA provides information in this
document on the scope of practice for
all registered nurses, as well as the
standards to which they as
practicing professionals are held.
This document represents one of the
three foundational documents for
nursing practice, and this draft has
undergone revision by a group of
nurse experts from the previous 2004
edition. There have been some
significant changes, including the
incorporation of competency statements
in the place of measurement criteria
under the standards section,and an
expanded list of standards of practice.
If you are interested in participating
in this review, download the document
and submit your comments online
(see below) by 5:00pm EST on
March, 12, 2010.


Big Spring State Hospital working to
change approach to patients

Sturdivant, who is a registered nurse,
said the grant has paid for staff
training and items the hospital
wouldn't normally be able to purchase. ...


Barbara Acello


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