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> Lt. Highwaij
> Klingon planet
> After: Meeting the family

Highwaij watched the fight with pleasure, and when She'ra finnaly won the
match Highwaij smilled
he felt happy, again the crewmembers of the Vanguard had proven that they
whouldn't give up easely.

Then She'ra came over and gave him a big hug.
The talked quickly then they went over to Je'ka's place

A few moments later the arrived at Je'ka's place,
The all entered and sat down as Je'ka filled their glasses whille She'ra
changed her clothes.

Highwaij looked at the Klingons whom where sitting with him
they talked to him about She'ra, Mandrake and the other crewmembers of the

A few moments later She'ra returned as she sat with the others
"Highwaij how did you get here" she asked

'Remember our fights in the lounge" Highwaij said

"You fought" Jay asked

"Yes together each other for fun, and with each other against our enemies"
said "Yes I remember the fight"

"Well, Santos called me in his office, and made an example out of me,
because i wanted to
fight he send me here to learn some new fighting sports. Normally he whould
have send Tails,
but she was bussy. So hear I am" Highwaij said

"You're here for the training at the Kri'stak fighters school" Jay said

"Yes" Highwaij said "Why"

"Then I will have the pleasure to meet you again" Jay said

"Jay, was asked to be there at rthe end of the training" She'ra said

Highwaij turned to She'ra "What happend in the holodeck"

"Nothing, he didn't climb up" She'ra said

"I'm sorry" Highwaij said "Well no that I'm here how can I help you"

Lt. Highwaij
Communications Officer
USS Vanguard

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