[USS Vanguard] Transporters are down

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Author: Lt Cmdr Xristha Droin, MD
Position: Chief Medical Officer
BEFORE Cynan?s Projectile Mucus, of the Snot Kind.

Setting: Boca Paila, Mexico

Xristha couldn?t finish all of both desserts, but she gave a valiant effort 
to try. She looked down at the damage wide eyed. She did a fairly clean job. 
After giving her compliments to the chef she left the Mexican bistro and 
breathed the warm evening air. The sun had begun to dip beneath the horizon 
and, in other circumstances, the evening would have been romantic.

She walked back to the beach, slipping her shoes off. The warm ocean waves 
leapt over her bare feet. Her one piece skirt tips dampened a little at her 
knees from the spray. As her toes pressed in the sand and she made her way 
down the long stretch of vacant landscape she looked out over the seemingly 
endless water.

Xristha was complex in some ways and simple in others. Her mind was a 
scientific encyclopedia of biological systems, treatment options, and 
ethics. At the same time her emotions were raw sensuous passion that hovered 
just outside her protection?she wore her emotions on her sleeve for everyone 
to see.

~I could live here.~ She thought to herself as a warm breeze from the ocean 
spilled across her bare fleshed arms and legs.

Her moment of solace was replaced by the familiar chime of her communicator.

=/\= ?Sickbay to Doctor Droin.? =/\=

It was Nurse Foster. Xristha pulled the communicator out from a fold in her 

=/\= ?Droin here.? =/\=

=/\= ?Ensign Vang just checked into sickbay with a high fever, possibly 
contracted on shore leave. She?s in critical condition.? =/\=

Xristha initiated a protocol when she first joined the Astoria that the 
Chief Medical Officer was to be contacted in any life threatening cases.

=/\= ?I?m on my way.? =/\=

She tapped her communicator again.

=/\= ?Droin to transporter room, emergency transport one directly to 
sickbay.? =/\=

Her image in Mexico vanished in the transporter shimmer. Moments later she 
appeared, still wearing her sarong in the sterile environment of sickbay.

?Diagnosis?? She ordered grabbing a PADD that was handed to her.

?Unknown.? Was the response.

?Transporter bio filter logs?? Probing again.

?No trace of pathogen.? The next response.

?Fever, perspiration, muscular atrophy, convulsions, vomiting?? Xristha 
turned to her Assistant Medical Officer. ?These are expressive symptoms, did 
anyone notice on her leave??

?No, there were no reports.?

?Where was she??


Xristha looked at the bio scans. ?No pathogen present.? Xristha paused for a 
moment, ?What did she eat on leave??


?I mean in Thailand, what did she eat??

?Stomach contents show partially digested ethnic food?.pad thai.? A nurse 

?Campylobater gastroenteritis.? Xristha said looking at the medical bio 
scan. ?Food poisoning from inappropriate preparation of poultry.? She nodded 
to the nurse, ?Begin antibiotic treatment.?

More concerning to Xristha was the inability of the bio filters to detect 
the bacteria.

=/\= ?Xristha to engineering. Check the transporter bio filter systems. I 
don?t think they are functioning.? =/\=

?Computer. I?m initiating a transporter lock out. Anyone transporting to and 
from the Vanguard are required to use planet side systems. Authorization 
Chief Medical Officer Sigma Epsilon Gamma.?

?Medical authorization acknowledged. Transporter lock initiated. Commanding 
Officer communication protocols initiative.?

=/\= ?Vanguard automated communication system contacting Captain Santos.? 

=/\= ?Santos here.? =/\=

=/\= ?A medical transportation lock out has been initiated with the 
following instructions, ?Anyone transporting to and from the Vanguard are 
required to use planet side systems.?? =/\=


Just threw that in. Not a big deal, something to do.

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