[USS Vanguard] Projectile Mucus, of the Snot Kind.

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  • Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 18:15:27 -0000

Rank: Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: USS Vanguard; Cargo Bay.

Time: After all shove leave posts.


Subject: Projectile Mucus, of the Snot Kind.



[USS Vanguard; Cargo Bay]

The cargo bay doors opened to reveal Zena Quetan, the chief science officer
of the USS Vanguard. She had heard about Cynan bringing aboard something a
bit more unusual and wanted to see it for herself.


"Aah, so you must be Anwar", Zena said lifting a hand to the horses nose.


Anwar neighed and marked her grown causing Zena to take a few steps back.


"She's a fiery one", a voice from behind a few cargo containers called out.


"Cynan!", Zena said turning around and running to embrace him with a hug.


"What was that for?" Cynan asked inquisitively.


Zena shrugged. "Do I need reason?"


"Heh I guess not. It's good to see you too."


"Thanks" she said smiling. "So what's with her? She gets jealous easy eh?"


"Haha! No.. she's just a bit space sick, and a bit wild", he said winking at
her and reaching up to stroke her mane.


"That's what her name means isn't it? Wild?"


"Very good. I'm impressed."


"Hey, I'm not just a pretty face you know."


"Damn and I was hoping to con you out of a drink later..." Cynan expressed


"Yeah right.. besides I'm not sure Jaav would appreciate that, or Xristha
for that matter.. I hear you two went for dinner?"


"Geez does nothing get past you?"


"Nope!", Zena replied with that devious look that she had. "Now tell!".


"It didn't exactly go that well.."


"Oh?", Zena asked puzzled.


"Ah I'll tell you later. Right now I better get to my post. My shift starts


Before Cynan could leave however, Anwar sneezed all over him. The slimy
mucus that was more commonly known as snot, had found its way from Anwar's
nostrils and onto Cynan's face. Cynan screwed up his face in
dissatisfaction, Zena on the other hand found it hilarious and burst out


"NOT funny Zena."


"Oh it is" she said. "I just wish I had my camera!"


"Right.. that's it.." Cynan said as he wiped some of the snot off into his
hand and flung it towards Zena.


"Hey!!" she screamed and ran out of the cargo bay, Cynan closely in toe.
They both ran out so fast that they nearly knocked a passer by off their
feet. "Sorry!" they both shouted after them.


"You bet... Ooo, Xristha doesn't look very happy", Zena said motioning
across the hallway.


Cynan looked to where Zena was indicating to see Xristha standing there
wondering what was going on, and to how Cynan would be feeling towards her
after their last meeting. 


"I'll see you later, ok?" Cynan said walking off towards Xristha.


"Sure. Cyas."








The was silence for a moment. Cynan did not know what to say. Xristha on the
other hand was probably waiting for him, or so he thought.


"Look there isn't any easy way to say this", Cynan finally managed to blurt
out. "But I'm sorry and if you can then it'd be great to see you la... Hey
I'm trying to be serious here."


He was trying to arrange a get together to hopefully clear up why he had
left the way he did, but somewhere along the way Xristha had noticed what
was left of the mucus on the side of his face and decided to smile.


"I'm sorry you just look so funny right now. You really need to clean that..
is that.. oh eww."


Cynan sighed. "See you in Event Horizon later?"


"Sure.. but you have a lot of explaining to do!"


"I know.. and I will."


[To Be Continued...]

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