[USS Vanguard] The Questioning

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  • Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2002 03:21:36 -0400

From Christopher Jackson

Lt.Com. Soman Drath
U.S.S. Vanguard
following the mission briefing.

The staff filed out of the conference room quickly.  Soman found it a little 
troubling that Ms. Merchant and not the Captain had decided on the away team 
members.  She was, however, mission specialist.  Soman would have to trust her 
judgement for the time being.

Soman, now had the task of filling those key positions that would be emptied by 
this mission.  

" Commander, may I have a word," a familiar voice asked from behind.  Soman 
turned in time to see Ms. Merchant striding up after him.  

"Certainly.  Deck eight.  What can I do for you?"  Soman clasped his hands 
behind his back prepared for anything.

" Deck twelve.  How well do you know Nick?  Are you and he friends?"  

Soman was a little surprised by this particular line of questioning.
"I've known the Captain since Vanguard launched.  After everything we've been 
through, yes, I'd say we were friends."

"So you trust his judgement?"  Her jovial tone was beginning to fade.  Soman's 
was as well.  "Of course.  Is this leading to something Ms. Merchant?"

"I'm sorry Commander. It's just that Nick has the uncanny knack of fostering 
unconditional loyalty and faith out of any crew he serves with.  I think about 
that sometimes, and I wonder what the hell happened to us.  Anyway, my final 
question to you is if it came down to either endangering the mission to save 
his crew, or following mission specs at the loss of some of his people, what 
would Nick do?"  Merchant's eyes were focused on Soman now.  

"I think that's a question you should ask the Captain."  Soman's polite 
demeanor was now a memory.

" I'm asking you, Commander.  Would he endanger the mission or not?" Soman eyed 
Merchant for a split second, wondering what her game was.

"It is the job of any good Captain to command and maintain the crew under his 
or her charge.  It is the job of any good crew to follow their captains orders 
to the best of their ability.  If you're asking me Ms. Merchant, Captain Santos 
will do whatever it takes to maintain his crew and follow the mission specs.  
As I said before, however, I suggest that you take this up with him. . .maam.  
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have my duties to attend to."  Soman left the 
turbolift arriving on deck eight before Merchant could utter another word. He 
stormed down the corridor, barely noticing Xristha Droin moving in the opposite 

"Soman?!  Are you alright? Should I grab a phaser?"  Xristha's remark served to 
simmer down the XO.

"If you run into Ms. Merchant, I might suggest having one handy."


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