[USS Vanguard] The Prine of Thieves

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Chen'ki  Sib-Lt.
The Mid-Evil Ages?
After Joining

Chen'ki woke up, but to his surprise, he was not in
his nice, peaceful courters, in a smelly barn. He got
up and looked around. The barn look like it was gonna
fall down on him. There was hay all over the ground.
There were to pigs in a corner sleeping.

Swoosh! An arrow went speeding right past his head
from the open doors to his left. He tured and looked,
there in front of him was a old man, a white bread the
went to around his waist with a bow in his hand.

The old man "Now, I got you, stay there and when my
son gets back from telling them I have the Prince of
Thieves, I'll be rich and hopefully get more land

A Man dressed in completely in black jump from the top
of the ceiling and knock the old man to the floor.

"Come my lord, the Royal Knights are coming." Said the
man in black. He though chen'ki a sword and rushed him
out of the barn. The man in black jump on a house and
rushed of. Chenki did the some not knowing why, but he

The man in black took him though fields, forests,
hills what seemed like forever when the man in black
said "I think we lost them!" "Am sorry for asking, but
who are you?" Demaindeed Chen'ki.

Jewels, the man in black told chen'ki all about being
the Prince of Thieves and how he became the Prince.
Chen'ki got annoyed at Jewels because he kept calling
him Lord. Chen'ki found out that he had no name so
they(The thieves that raised "Lord" just named him
that because when Chen'ki grew old he took camand of
the band of thieves and called him self the Prince of
thieves. Jewel decided, "Lord" does not remember who
he was, because of a spell that a wizard put on him or
something like that.

They mad a camp, sang songs, and Jewels finaly went to
bed. But Chen'ki could not fall asleep. He kept
wondering how he got here and want happened to the
rest of the Vangaurd crew. "Are they having this same
dream too" was the last thought that flowed though his
head before he went to sleep.

OoC: Sorry, I haven't posted in sooooo long. I had a
post, I was going to send it in when this mid evil
thing came up. so I waited and now Here it came. Have
fun posting!    

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