[USS Vanguard] Joining

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At that moment a stranger approached the Castle, he had a cape around him,
with on his back a bow and arrows
while he had on his belt a small knife, in his arms he had an ancient guitar
with some ribbons on it.
"Hold it" the quard said as the castle gate. " Whom are you"

"Just a simlpe peasant" the stranger said

"A peasant, with a bow and arrow?" The guard replayed

"They are only with me to protect me, the are in my famly for years. They
are effective against
thiefes andd robbers" the stranger said

"Then what are you doing here?" the guard said getting a little angry

"I'm seeking a place for the night and perhaps some food" the stranger

"Can you pay for it" the guard asked laughing

"I don't have any money, but I've been traveling around, and can tell you a
of stories, even sing with it." the stranger replayed

"You may pass, but if we don't like it. you find you're self in the dungons
by tommorow" the guard said
as he stepped away to make room for the stranger.

The stranger smilled as soon as he had passed the guard, and he walked to
the banqueting hall,
as if he knew where to go.

The stranger smilled as he past a few people, without them recognizing him.
The beard,
he was wearing did the trick.He slowly sat down at one of the tables in the
corner with
his back to the wall.

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Chief Tactical
USS Vanguard

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